China wholesaler Premium Aftermarket OEM HP Crusher Parts: Head Ball near me factory

Product Description

Product Description

Premium Parts for HP Series Cone Crusher

Powerups has been specializing in manufacturing premium quality aftermarket wear and replacement parts since 1990s, providing more competitive parts and service than typical parts suppliers in the world. In most of cases, we have the parts on shelf or castings in stock, which effectively shortens the lead time. We supply premium quality wear parts and spare parts such as mantle, bowl liner, eccentric, bushings, counterweight, head, adjustment ring, mainframe, etc. to fit all models of HP100 cone crusher, HP200 cone crusher, HP300 cone crusher, HP400 cone crusher, HP500 cone crusher and HP800 cone crusher. In addition, Powerups offers full line of quality parts aftermarket to cover Symons cone crusher, Gyradisc cone crusher, GP Series cone crusher, C Series jaw crusher, MP Series cone crusher, Omnicone Series cone crusher , Sandvik CH and CS cone crusher.

Detailed Photos

  1. Mainframe
  2. Arm guard
  3. Mainshaft
  4. Thrust washer
  5. U-seal
  6. Mainframe liner

  1. Socket
  2. Pins
  3. Bolts
  4. Socket liner


  1. Adjustment ring
  2. Clamping ring
  3. Mainframe pins
  4. Dust seal


  1. Head          
  2. Head ball
  3. Upper head bushing
  4. T-seal
  5. Lower head bushing


  1. Countershaft box guard
  2. Countershaft box
  3. Oil flinger
  4. Oil flinger cover
  5. Countershaft
  6. Countershaft bushing
  7. Pinion

  1. Locking bolt
  2. Feed plate
  3. Screw
  4. Torch ring


  1. Hydraulic drive adjustment
  2. Tramp release cylinder
  3. Accumulator
  4. Clamping cylinder

  1. Bowl 
  2. Adjustment ring gear
  3. Feed hopper
  4. Adjustment cap


  1. Eccentric 
  2. Counterweight guard
  3. Thrust bearing
  4. Gear
  5. Counterweight
  6. Eccentric bushing


HP Cone Crusher Parts Manual

Model Part Number Description
HP100 7018307008 Main frame
HP100 757195710 Main frame liner
HP100 7571157101 Arm guard
HP100 7571157100 Countershaft arm guard
HP100 7013308500 Main shaft
HP100 7074129000 Lower thrust bearing
HP100 757128252 Seal ring
HP100 757128253 Seal ring
HP100 7015554502 Bushing
HP100 7015604504 Countershaft bushing
HP100 7084101513 Seat liner
HP100 7012504004 Adjustment ring
HP100 N12030502 Clamping ring
HP100 7088571082 Tramp release cylinder
HP100 N57145269 Accumulator
HP100 7013355750 Countershaft
HP100 7063057101 Pinion
HP100 7074100121 Lock washer
HP100 7033100017 Oil flinger
HP100 707861000 Piston seal
HP100 7 0571 12255 Cover
HP100 757158005 Eccentric
HP100 7015655250 Inner eccentric bushing
HP100 7074129001 Upper thrust bearing
HP100 7 0571 10600 Drive gear
HP100 701625716 Counterweight
HP100 7571072500 Counterweight liner
HP100 7 0571 08500 Socket
HP100 N8245717 Head
HP100 7571950501 Head ball
HP100 70156562902 Head bushing
HP100 757125500 Seal ring
HP100 757168004 Lock bolt
HP100 7065558000 Feed cone
HP100 N23508401 Bowl
HP100 N23455516 Adjustment cap
HP100 7 0571 10601 Drive gear
HP100 757100003 Gear break motor
HP100 757108001 Bowl liner
HP100 75715711 Mantle
HP100 Torch ring
HP100 7032957100 Wedge
HP100 7 0571 5710 Nut lock
HP100 7 0571 01300 Lower feed hopper
HP100 7 0571 28150 Upper feed hopper
HP100 85713061000 Sheave
HP100 85713062501 Bushing
HP100 80401641000 Key
HP200 7018307007 Main frame
HP200 1048512826 Main frame liner
HP200 1038067315 Arm guard
HP200 7571157150 Countershaft guard
HP200 7013308001 Main shaft
HP200 1070588726 Shim
HP200 1070588724 Shim
HP200 1070588722 Shim
HP200 1070588720 Shim
HP200 157112102 Lower thrust bearing
HP200 1 0571 18780 U-seal
HP200 1054440195 Main frame pin
HP200 1571061401 Countershaft bushing
HP200 1048516271 Frame seat liner
HP200 7012504003 Adjustment ring
HP200 1094260037 Clamping cylinder
HP200 7088571081 Tramp release cylinder
HP200 N57145269 Accumulator
HP200 1054268448 Axle
HP200 7 0571 10501 Protective bellows
HP200 7012504003 Adjustment ring
HP200 1061871913 Clamping ring
HP200 7081108007 Dust shell
HP200 1571130524 Bushing
HP200 1068634853 Countershaft
HP200 1036829635 Pinion
HP200 1056835500 Lock washer
HP200 7033100016 Oil flinger
HP200 1 0571 7100 Piston seal
HP200 7 0571 12254 Cover
HP200 75718204 Gear eccentric assembly
HP200 757158004 Eccentric
HP200 1571072951 Inner eccentric bushing
HP200 157157103 Upper thrust bearing
HP200 1036829652 Drive gear
HP200 N95718114 Counterweight assembly
HP200 N16200121 Counterweight
HP200 7571072000 Counterweight liner
HP200 157171078 Socket assembly
HP200 1 0571 10178 Socket
HP200 1048721001 Socket liner
HP200 Head assembly
HP200 7082404309 Head
HP200 157112000 Head ball
HP200 1571145719 Upper head bushing
HP200 1571145730 Lower head bushing
HP200 1 0571 18480 T-joint
HP200 7090058303 Feed cone
HP200 757168006 Lock bolt
HP200 7065558050 Feed cone
HP200 7571508000 Bowl
HP200 1571814802 Adjustment cap
HP200 1062440046 Drive gear
HP200 7063057150 Pinion
HP200 757100007 Gear break motor
HP200 1044180300 Upper feed hopper
HP200 1044180301 Lower feed hopper
HP200 N5525719 Bowl liner
HP200 1050130815 Mantle
HP200 1063914005 Torch ring
HP200 1086342201 Wedge
HP200 1056839385 Lock nut
HP200 7088463250 Square head bolt
HP200 157183199 Spherical nut
HP200 757145571 Square bar
HP200 85712946000 Sheave
HP200 8571157101 Bushing
HP200 8040571000 Key
HP200 8571284000 Sleeve
HP300 7090008015 Main frame assembly
HP300 7018307006 Main frame
HP300 7571900301 Main frame liner
HP300 70133 0571 2 Main shaft
HP300 1054350571 Main frame pin
HP300 157157150 Lower thrust bearing
HP300 1070587740 Shim
HP300 1070587739 Shim
HP300 1070587738 Shim
HP300 1070587737 Shim
HP300 1 0571 18815 Seal ring
HP300 7571157102 Arm guard
HP300 1048514410 Frame seat liner
HP300 7095718005 Adjustment ring assembly
HP300 7012504002 Adjustment ring
HP300 1061873757 Clamping ring
HP300 1094280065 Clamping cylinder assembly
HP300 7081108004 Dust shell
HP300 1571130525 Bushing
HP300 15717118 Tramp release cylinder
HP300 N57145269 Accumulator
HP300 1054268497 Axle
HP300 157195225 Spherical nut
HP300 7001563272 Hexagonal nut
HP300 7090018004 Countershaft assembly
HP300 7090018003 Countershaft pinion assembly
HP300 Countershaft bushing
HP300 757100006 O ring
HP300 7571408201 Countershaft box
HP300 7571157101 Countershaft guard
HP300 7571157100 Countershaft guard
HP300 7033100015 Oil flinger
HP300 7 0571 12253 Housing
HP300 1063084500 Piston seal
HP300 1036833868 Pinion
HP300 106863366 Countershaft
HP300 75718208 Gear eccentric assembly
HP300 757158008 Gear eccentric assembly
HP300 157157107 Inner eccentric bushing
HP300 157112200 Upper thrust bearing
HP300 1036833869 Drive gear
HP300 7001619307 Pin
HP300 N95718115 Counterweight assembly
HP300 N16200115 Counterweight
HP300 1038018155 Counterweight liner
HP300 7090048101 Socket assembly
HP300 7 0571 0571 1 Socket
HP300 7 0571 00600 Socket liner
HP300 7001619303 Pin
HP300 Head assembly
HP300 7082404300 Head
HP300 7571950500 Head ball
HP300 7015656200 Upper head bushing
HP300 1571145975 Lower head bushing
HP300 Lock nut
HP300 1 0571 18725 Seal ring
HP300 157198031 Shaft key
HP300 7090058302 Feed plate assembly
HP300 757168005 Locking bolt
HP300 7065558093 Feed cone
HP300 7095718000 Bowl assembly
HP300 7571508200 Bowl
HP300 1571815005 Adjustment cap
HP300 1062440045 Drive gear
HP300 757100007 Gear break motor
HP300 7063057150 Pinion
HP300 1044180340 Upper feed hopper
HP300 1044185711 Lower feed hopper
HP300 N552571 Bowl liner
HP300 N553 0571 1 Mantle
HP300 1063914652 Torch ring
HP300 1019578065 Square head bolt
HP300 157183199 Spherical nut
HP300 1056839413 Lock nut
HP300 1086342700 Wedge
HP300 757145571 Square bar
HP300 1063917418 Bowl adapter ring
HP300 7003236883 Pulley
HP300 7003239269 Hub
HP300 1571 0571 0 Key
HP300 7015778300 Grooved bushing
HP400 1 0571 40131 Main frame assembly
HP400 1571133692 Bushing
HP400 1070589788 Shim
HP400 1070589786 Shim
HP400 1070589784 Shim
HP400 1070589782 Shim
HP400 15715712 Lower thrust washer
HP400 1 0571 18943 Seal ring
HP400 1038067401 Arm guard
HP400 1048516272 Seat liner
HP400 N219571 Main frame liner
HP400 1068863509 Main shaft
HP400 N12504018 Adjustment ring
HP400 1061872992 Clamping ring
HP400 1061940191 Dust shell
HP400 1094280065 Clamping cylinder
HP400 1 0571 40030 Tramp release cylinder
HP400 N57145271 Accumulator
HP400 1054268776 Clevis pin
HP400 157195302 Spherical nut
HP400 N90018011 Countershaft assembly
HP400 1068634887 Countershaft
HP400 1036831195 Pinion
HP400 N22157100 Countershaft guard
HP400 1571062210 Countershaft bushing
HP400 1 0571 76018 Countershaft box
HP400 1571471712 Cover
HP400 10628 0571 3 Oil flinger
HP400 75718301 Eccentric assembly
HP400 1 0571 45000 Eccentric sub-assembly
HP400 157136180 Eccentric
HP400 1571074069 Eccentric bushing
HP400 15715719 Upper thrust bearing
HP400 1036803301 Gear
HP400 7016200114 Counterweight
HP400 1038018156 Counterweight liner
HP400 N90048105 Socket assembly
HP400 1 0571 14256 Socket
HP400 N35800601 Socket liner
HP400 N01619330 Pin
HP400 Head assembly
HP400 708245711 Head
HP400 15715718 Head ball
HP400 1571147349 Upper head bushing
HP400 1571147350 Lower head bushing
HP400 1 0571 18832 Seal ring
HP400 N90058315 Feed cone
HP400 N41065710 Lock bolt
HP400 157181158 Feed plate
HP400 1 0571 40116 Bowl assembly
HP400 157157102 Bowl
HP400 1571815026 Adjustment cap
HP400 1044185719 Upper hopper
HP400 1044180343 Lower hopper
HP400 N5525715 Bowl liner
HP400 N5535711 Mantle
HP400 1063437879 Bowl adapter ring
HP400 1086342846 Wedge
HP400 1019579056 Square head bolt
HP400 157186801 Spherical nut
HP400 1063915676 Torch ring
HP400 N68606506 Pulley
HP400 7003241824 Hub
HP400 N016 0571 3 Key
HP500 1 0571 50142 Main frame assembly
HP500 1033785560 Main frame
HP500 1571139802 Bushing
HP500 1070589817 Shim
HP500 1070589815 Shim
HP500 1070589813 Shim
HP500 1070589811 Shim
HP500 15715717 Lower thrust bearing
HP500 1 0571 18950 Gland ring
HP500 1038069595 Arm guard
HP500 1048516296 Seat liner
HP500 1068867278 Main shaft
HP500 N2190571 Main frame liner
HP500 N95718571 Adjustment ring assembly
HP500 N12504019 Adjustment ring
HP500 1061875592 Clamping ring
HP500 N811 0571 1 Dust shell
HP500 1094280065 Clamping cylinder assembly
HP500 1054351501 Main frame pin
HP500 1 0571 50058 Tramp release cylinder
HP500 N57145272 Accumulator
HP500 1054268776 Clevis pin
HP500 1 0571 50095 Countershaft assembly
HP500 1068634890 Countershaft
HP500 1 0571 76019 Countershaft box
HP500 1036831527 Pinion
HP500 10628571 Oil flinger
HP500 1571471761 Cover
HP500 1038067481 Countershaft box guard
HP500 1038067482 Countershaft box guard
HP500 N95718571 Eccentric assembly
HP500 1 0571 55002 Eccentric
HP500 N95718127 Counterweight assembly
HP500 157143420 Eccentric
HP500 15715719 Eccentric bushing
HP500 15715718 Upper thrust bearing
HP500 1036831535 Gear
HP500 N16200123 Counterweight
HP500 N22072102 Counterweight liner
HP500 1 0571 50067 Socket assembly
HP500 1 0571 17084 Socket
HP500 1048723201 Socket liner
HP500 N01619334 Pin
HP500 Head assembly
HP500 708245710 Head
HP500 15715714 Head ball
HP500 101334571 Strap
HP500 1571147321 Upper head bushing
HP500 N15655252 Lower head bushing
HP500 1 0571 18930 Gland ring
HP500 1062440044 Drive gear
HP500 N57500012 Hydraulic motor
HP500 N63057153 Pinion
HP500 N90058314 Feed cone
HP500 N41065711 Lock bolt
HP500 157181159 Feed plate
HP500 N95718006 Bowl assembly
HP500 N23508202 Bowl
HP500 N23455510 Adjustment cap
HP500 1062440044 Drive gear
HP500 15717118 Hydraulic motor
HP500 N85701305 Hopper
HP500 1044185714 Lower hopper
HP500 1 0571 14222 Bowl liner
HP500 757108502 Mantle
HP500 1063437875 Bowl adapter ring
HP500 1086342866 Wedge
HP500 1019578985 Square head bolt
HP500 157186801 Spherical nut
HP500 1056839400 Lock nut
HP500 N68606504 Pulley
HP500 N68606505 Pulley
HP500 7003241826 Hub
HP500 N016 0571 3 Key
HP800 MM5710329 Main frame
HP800 1 0571 80129 Adjustment ring
HP800 1 0571 70001 Clamping cylinder
HP800 1 0571 70045 Cylinder assembly
HP800 1 0571 85016 Accumulator assembly
HP800 1 0571 85719 Countershaft box assembly
HP800 1 0571 85717 Eccentric assembly
HP800 1 0571 80001 Socket assembly
HP800 1 0571 80073 Head assembly
HP800 Feed plate assembly
HP800 1033785794 Main frame
HP800 1571139576 Bushing
HP800 1048517581 Frame seat liner
HP800 1048517411 Main frame liner
HP800 1038069733 Arm guard
HP800 157112407 Thrust bearing
HP800 1061877930 Adjustment ring
HP800 1054445716 Main frame pin
HP800 1061876265 Clamp ring
HP800 1 0571 58951 Clevis
HP800 1054268776 Clevis pin
HP800 1571471713 Cover
HP800 1 0571 76433 Countershaft box
HP800 1571066795 Countershaft box bushing
HP800 1036831540 Pinion
HP800 1038069629 Inner countershaft box guard
HP800 10628 0571 4 Oil flinger
HP800 1068636577 Countershaft
HP800 1038069628 Outer Countershaft box guard
HP800 157143668 Eccentric
HP800 157157164 Eccentric bushing
HP800 157112405 Thrust bearing
HP800 1036831560 Gear
HP800 1086428470 Counterweight
HP800 1063917765 Counterweight liner
HP800 1 0571 18530 U seal
HP800 1 0571 18785 T seal
HP800 1 0571 17098 Socket
HP800 1048724571 Socket liner
HP800 1042472605 Head
HP800 157112434 Head ball
HP800 1571147723 Lower head bushing
HP800 1571147711 Upper head bushing
HP800 1 0571 18520 Seal
HP800 1019559608 Locking bolt
HP800 157181161 Feed plate
HP800 1 0571 14344 Bowl liner
HP800 1050143849 Mantle
HP800 1086343192 Wedge
HP800 1056839405 Lock plate
HP800 1019584408 Square head bolt
HP800 157190900 Spherical nut
HP800 1063915673 Torch ring
HP800 1 0571 80117 Bowl assembly
HP800 Bowl
HP800 1571819254 Adjustment cap
HP800 1044180397 Hopper
HP800 1026187496 Feed cone
HP800 157139556 Sheave
HP800 1 0571 7112 Sheave bushing
HP800 157139564 Sheave
HP800 157149423 Sheave bushing
HP800 157117218 Pinion
HP800 1062440052 Drive ring
HP800 1 0571 85034 Hydraulic drive motor
HP800 MC001135 Power unit
HP800 MM5716896 Remote control
HP100 55208000 Bowl liner
HP100 55208001 Bowl liner
HP100 55208002 Bowl liner
HP100 552571 Bowl liner
HP100 55208005 Bowl liner
HP100 5535711 Mantle
HP100 5535712 Mantle
HP200 5525710 Bowl liner
HP200 5525712 Bowl liner
HP200 5525717 Bowl liner
HP200 5525719 Bowl liner
HP200 5525714 Bowl liner
HP200 5525716 Bowl liner
HP200 5013571 Mantle
HP200 55308001 Mantle
HP200 5525711 Bowl liner
HP200 5525719 Bowl liner
HP200 55208151 Bowl liner
HP200 5525716 Bowl liner
HP200 5525718 Bowl liner
HP200 5525713 Bowl liner
HP200 5525715 Bowl liner
HP200 55308006 Mantle
HP200 55308002 Mantle
HP200 50130815 Mantle
HP200 553571 Mantle
HP300 552571 Bowl liner
HP300 552 0571 3 Bowl liner
HP300 552 0571 8 Bowl liner
HP300 552 0571 2 Bowl liner
HP300 552 0571 7 Bowl liner
HP300 552 0571 1 Bowl liner
HP300 552 0571 0 Bowl liner
HP300 552 0571 6 Bowl liner
HP300 553 0571 1 Mantle
HP300 553 0571 2 Mantle
HP300 553 0571 3 Mantle
HP300 553 0571 2 Mantle
HP300 552 0571 5 Bowl liner
HP300 552 0571 7 Bowl liner
HP300 552 0571 4 Bowl liner
HP300 552 0571 6 Bowl liner
HP300 552 0571 3 Bowl liner
HP300 552 0571 5 Bowl liner
HP300 552 0571 2 Bowl liner
HP300 552 0571 4 Bowl liner
HP300 553 0571 0 Mantle
HP300 50132123 Mantle
HP300 553 0571 4 Mantle
HP300 553 0571 4 Mantle
HP300 553 0571 1 Mantle
HP300 553 0571 2 Mantle
HP400 552 0571 2 Bowl liner
HP400 552 0571 3 Bowl liner
HP400 5525715 Bowl liner
HP400 552 0571 8 Bowl liner
HP400 55208400 Bowl liner
HP400 66664404 Bowl liner
HP400 66664405 Bowl liner
HP400 5525712 Bowl liner
HP400 5525714 Bowl liner
HP400 66664406 Bowl liner
HP400 66664409 Bowl liner
HP400 553 0571 1 Mantle
HP400 553 0571 4 Mantle
HP400 552 0571 7 Bowl liner
HP400 552 0571 6 Bowl liner
HP400 552 0571 5 Bowl liner
HP400 552 0571 6 Bowl liner
HP400 48300032 Bowl liner
HP400 552 0571 4 Bowl liner
HP400 48300031 Bowl liner
HP400 552 0571 3 Bowl liner
HP400 553 0571 3 Mantle
HP400 553 0571 6 Mantle
HP400 553 0571 2 Mantle
HP400 553 0571 5 Mantle
HP400 55308282 Mantle
HP500 55208502 Bowl liner
HP500 55208504 Bowl liner
HP500 48314227 Bowl liner
HP500 5525712 Bowl liner
HP500 48314236 Bowl liner
HP500 5525714 Bowl liner
HP500 66664501 Bowl liner
HP500 66664502 Bowl liner
HP500 66664505 Bowl liner
HP500 66664507 Bowl liner
HP500 48314240 Bowl liner
HP500 5525713 Bowl liner
HP500 66664503 Bowl liner
HP500 66664504 Bowl liner
HP500 66664508 Bowl liner
HP500 66664509 Bowl liner
HP500 55308501 Mantle
HP500 55308503 Mantle
HP500 5535714 Mantle
HP500 5535716 Mantle
HP500 66663502 Mantle
HP500 66663503 Mantle
HP500 55208505 Bowl liner
HP500 55208509 Bowl liner
HP500 5525710 Bowl liner
HP500 5525711 Bowl liner
HP500 48314219 Bowl liner
HP500 5525718 Bowl liner
HP500 48314222 Bowl liner
HP500 5525717 Bowl liner
HP500 55308506 Mantle
HP500 55308507 Mantle
HP500 55308502 Mantle
HP500 55308504 Mantle
HP700 48314369 Bowl liner
HP700 48314346 Bowl liner
HP700 48314347 Bowl liner
HP700 48314318 Bowl liner
HP700 48314345 Bowl liner
HP700 48314319 Bowl liner
HP700 48314356 Bowl liner
HP700 48314320 Bowl liner
HP700 48314344 Bowl liner
HP700 50143849 Mantle
HP700 48314350 Bowl liner
HP700 48314312 Bowl liner
HP700 48314370 Bowl liner
HP700 48314367 Bowl liner
HP700 48314349 Bowl liner
HP700 48314310 Bowl liner
HP700 48314348 Bowl liner
HP700 48314315 Bowl liner
HP700 50143811 Mantle
HP700 50143860 Mantle
HP700 50143810 Mantle
HP800 48314360 Bowl liner
HP800 48314369 Bowl liner
HP800 48314346 Bowl liner
HP800 48314347 Bowl liner
HP800 48314361 Bowl liner
HP800 48314359 Bowl liner
HP800 48314345 Bowl liner
HP800 48314362 Bowl liner
HP800 48314356 Bowl liner
HP800 48314344 Bowl liner
HP800 19584408 Mantle
HP800 19584409 Mantle
HP800 48314350 Bowl liner
HP800 48314363 Bowl liner
HP800 48314370 Bowl liner
HP800 48314349 Bowl liner
HP800 48314364 Bowl liner
HP800 48314348 Bowl liner
HP800 48314365 Bowl liner
HP800 19584412 Mantle
HP800 19584409 Mantle
Guaranteed to fit, perform and long wear life


Company Profile

HangZhou Powerups Machinery Co., Ltd, located in HangZhou of northern China, is a global provider of process solutions for a variety of industries including mineral processing, aggregate processing, coal mining, etc. It is a manufacturing company of machinery and parts specially for mineral and aggregate processing.
HangZhou Powerups Machinery Co., Ltd is committed to designing, manufacturing and maintaining cone crusher, jaw crusher, impact crusher, feeder, screen and washing equipment, and it’s also a great resource of premium replacement parts for Metso HP Series cone crusher, GP Series cone crusher, MP Series cone crusher, C Series jaw crusher, Symons cone crusher, Gyradisc cone crusher, Omnicone cone crusher, Sandvik cone crusher, etc. Powerups has large stock of parts for the leading models of crushers to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Powerups upholds the highest standards for engineering and manufacturing to incorporate all the advanced technology in the designs of our crushers, feeders, screens, washers, etc. In addition, it is CZPT to design and manufacture complete crushing plant, portable crushing plant. Besides, the company operates with its own highly qualified management team to continuously improve the quality of casting, machining process, parts inspection in order to provide long wear life.
Powerups’ process equipment and systems are proven in mining operation, with installation in over 20 countries around the world including United States of America, Canada, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Greece, Russia, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc. Powerups is ideally positioned to deliver high quality and competitive solutions to projects anywhere in the world.

Our Mission:  Let’s Make Things Better


Lead Screws and Clamp Style Collars

If you have a lead screw, you’re probably interested in learning about the Acme thread on this type of shaft. You might also be interested in finding out about the Clamp style collars and Ball screw nut. But before you buy a new screw, make sure you understand what the terminology means. Here are some examples of screw shafts:

Acme thread

The standard ACME thread on a screw shaft is made of a metal that is resistant to corrosion and wear. It is used in a variety of applications. An Acme thread is available in a variety of sizes and styles. General purpose Acme threads are not designed to handle external radial loads and are supported by a shaft bearing and linear guide. Their design is intended to minimize the risk of flank wedging, which can cause friction forces and wear. The Centralizing Acme thread standard caters to applications without radial support and allows the thread to come into contact before its flanks are exposed to radial loads.
The ACME thread was first developed in 1894 for machine tools. While the acme lead screw is still the most popular screw in the US, European machines use the Trapezoidal Thread (Metric Acme). The acme thread is a stronger and more resilient alternative to square threads. It is also easier to cut than square threads and can be cut by using a single-point threading die.
Similarly to the internal threads, the metric versions of Acme are similar to their American counterparts. The only difference is that the metric threads are generally wider and are used more frequently in industrial settings. However, the metric-based screw threads are more common than their American counterparts worldwide. In addition, the Acme thread on screw shafts is used most often on external gears. But there is still a small minority of screw shafts that are made with a metric thread.
ACME screws provide a variety of advantages to users, including self-lubrication and reduced wear and tear. They are also ideal for vertical applications, where a reduced frictional force is required. In addition, ACME screws are highly resistant to back-drive and minimize the risk of backlash. Furthermore, they can be easily checked with readily available thread gauges. So, if you’re looking for a quality ACME screw for your next industrial project, look no further than ACME.

Lead screw coatings

The properties of lead screw materials affect their efficiency. These materials have high anti-corrosion, thermal resistance, and self-lubrication properties, which eliminates the need for lubrication. These coating materials include polytetrafluoroethylene (PFE), polyether ether ketone (PEK), and Vespel. Other desirable properties include high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, and rigidity.
The most common materials for lead screws are carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Lead screw coatings can be PTFE-based to withstand harsh environments and remove oil and grease. In addition to preventing corrosion, lead screw coatings improve the life of polymer parts. Lead screw assembly manufacturers offer a variety of customization options for their lead screw, including custom-molded nuts, thread forms, and nut bodies.
Lead screws are typically measured in rpm, or revolutions per minute. The PV curve represents the inverse relationship between contact surface pressure and sliding velocity. This value is affected by the material used in the construction of the screw, lubrication conditions, and end fixity. The critical speed of lead screws is determined by their length and minor diameter. End fixity refers to the support for the screw and affects its rigidity and critical speed.
The primary purpose of lead screws is to enable smooth movement. To achieve this, lead screws are usually preloaded with axial load, enabling consistent contact between a screw’s filets and nuts. Lead screws are often used in linear motion control systems and feature a large area of sliding contact between male and female threads. Lead screws can be manually operated or mortised and are available in a variety of sizes and materials. The materials used for lead screws include stainless steel and bronze, which are often protected by a PTFE type coating.
These screws are made of various materials, including stainless steel, bronze, and various plastics. They are also made to meet specific requirements for environmental conditions. In addition to lead screws, they can be made of stainless steel, aluminum, and carbon steel. Surface coatings can improve the screw’s corrosion resistance, while making it more wear resistant in tough environments. A screw that is coated with PTFE will maintain its anti-corrosion properties even in tough environments.

Clamp style collars

The screw shaft clamp style collar is a basic machine component, which is attached to the shaft via multiple screws. These collars act as mechanical stops, load bearing faces, or load transfer points. Their simple design makes them easy to install. This article will discuss the pros and cons of this style of collar. Let’s look at what you need to know before choosing a screw shaft clamp style collar. Here are some things to keep in mind.
Clamp-style shaft collars are a versatile mounting option for shafts. They have a recessed screw that fully engages the thread for secure locking. Screw shaft clamp collars come in different styles and can be used in both drive and power transmission applications. Listed below are the main differences between these 2 styles of collars. They are compatible with all types of shafts and are able to handle axial loads of up to 5500 pounds.
Clamp-style shaft collars are designed to prevent the screw from accidentally damaging the shaft when tightened. They can be tightened with a set screw to counteract the initial clamping force and prevent the shaft from coming loose. However, when tightening the screw, you should use a torque wrench. Using a set screw to tighten a screw shaft collar can cause it to warp and reduce the surface area that contacts the shaft.
Another key advantage to Clamp-style shaft collars is that they are easy to install. Clamp-style collars are available in one-piece and two-piece designs. These collars lock around the shaft and are easy to remove and install. They are ideal for virtually any shaft and can be installed without removing any components. This type of collar is also recommended for those who work on machines with sensitive components. However, be aware that the higher the OD, the more difficult it is to install and remove the collar.
Screw shaft clamp style collars are usually one-piece. A two-piece collar is easier to install than a one-piece one. The two-piece collars provide a more effective clamping force, as they use the full seating torque. Two-piece collars have the added benefit of being easy to install because they require no tools to install. You can disassemble one-piece collars before installing a two-piece collar.

Ball screw nut

The proper installation of a ball screw nut requires that the nut be installed on the center of the screw shaft. The return tubes of the ball nut must be oriented upward so that the ball nut will not overtravel. The adjusting nut must be tightened against a spacer or spring washer, then the nut is placed on the screw shaft. The nut should be rotated several times in both directions to ensure that it is centered.
Ball screw nuts are typically manufactured with a wide range of preloads. Large preloads are used to increase the rigidity of a ball screw assembly and prevent backlash, the lost motion caused by a clearance between the ball and nut. Using a large amount of preload can lead to excessive heat generation. The most common preload for ball screw nuts is 1 to 3%. This is usually more than enough to prevent backlash, but a higher preload will increase torque requirements.
The diameter of a ball screw is measured from its center, called the ball circle diameter. This diameter represents the distance a ball will travel during 1 rotation of the screw shaft. A smaller diameter means that there are fewer balls to carry the load. Larger leads mean longer travels per revolution and higher speeds. However, this type of screw cannot carry a greater load capacity. Increasing the length of the ball nut is not practical, due to manufacturing constraints.
The most important component of a ball screw is a ball bearing. This prevents excessive friction between the ball and the nut, which is common in lead-screw and nut combinations. Some ball screws feature preloaded balls, which avoid “wiggle” between the nut and the ball. This is particularly desirable in applications with rapidly changing loads. When this is not possible, the ball screw will experience significant backlash.
A ball screw nut can be either single or multiple circuits. Single or multiple-circuit ball nuts can be configured with 1 or 2 independent closed paths. Multi-circuit ball nuts have 2 or more circuits, making them more suitable for heavier loads. Depending on the application, a ball screw nut can be used for small clearance assemblies and compact sizes. In some cases, end caps and deflectors may be used to feed the balls back to their original position.

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